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A major part of my “Act” {put that in quotes for a reason} is my amusement on how much the weather is a focal point of our interaction as people even though for the most part weather doesn’t mean anything to modern people with a modern job. What I mean is most of us have modern jobs like statistical account supervisor of the Mid east division of Technogaram LLC {By the way if that is a real company I will do stand up for your corporate retreat}. Most of do not have jobs like farmers, fisherman or shepherds or other jobs they had back when they wrote the bible. You know jobs where the knowing the weather could mean the difference between life and death or at least a place in the bible. Now we as modern people {AKA wimps} spend our lives spent indoors where we have artificially made weather meaningless.  So as a public service that nobody asked for here are some times where I believe modern people can make a big deal about the weather.

  1. A football game that you have money on where the weather conditions could lose you a cool G to a big fat guy named Tony “Lips” who got that name because he once ripped a guys lips off…especially if you stupidly took the over and like having lips.
  2. You are going on vacation to a place specifically for nice weather and if the weather sucks you blew a couple grand when that money could have been used more productively…like on gambling on football and betting the under.
  3. Your job is plowing snow…..for “Tony Lips construction/sanitation/daycare center company”

That is basically it…If any of those things are not true the weather is meaningless. So stop talking about it…If it’s warm don’t wear a coat and if it is cold wear a coat. That is it, now go away.

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