The weather is getting nicer….calm down.

A major part of my “Act” {put that in quotes for a reason} is my amusement on how much the weather is a focal point of our interaction as people even though for the most part weather doesn’t mean anything to modern people with a modern job. What I mean is most of us have modern jobs like statistical account supervisor … Read More

Little known fact about Mike Sasson

Little known facts about Mike Sasson 1. Mike Sasson doesn’t have any ideas on what to write here…… 2. Nope……Still not a clue 3. Wait…….Wait….No still nothing This has been little known facts about Mike Sasson

My Blog-Problem Solved!!

I am a person that is a natural problem solver and so when I see a problem I solve it……hence the term “problem solver” {come on keep up people!!}. So back to problems, I see that there are not enough blogs in the world. So here you are people another blog!! Needless to say YOUR WELCOME!!!!